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11/19/04 12:43 pm - lackingmomentum - Found this and think It's pretty cool.


11/18/04 09:10 pm - enjoyourworries

Nate from Finch asked Poser to play with them!!! Probably a hoax but pretty cool if it ain't

Name : Nate
URL : www.Finchmusic.com
Email : Nate@finchmusic.com
Comment : I have heard a few things about you guys and were thinking about asking you to play with us if we get it together and come back to the UK good luck, peace.

11/15/04 06:00 pm - enjoyourworries

Just a quick introduction of my new community sadd_ (students against destructive decisions). This is an actual organisation and the point of the LJ community is just to promote it. Anyway, hopefully people will keep last year in mind and someone will have the initiative to start a chapter at Lakenheath.

9/27/04 04:01 pm - enjoyourworries

Check it out!

Rate my teachers - LHS

9/26/04 02:28 am - enjoyourworries

Two websites for keeping up with Lakenheath graduates/students. Both sites are fantastic for either a) stalking your high school crush, or b) reading what people you never really liked have to say about themselves. I guess a less cynical (wo)man than I would say that people actually use these websites to get in touch with old friends. And to those people, I feel I must point out that if they were really that close they would know what their e-mail addresses were to begin with, especially since nowadays people are so lonely and therefore cavalier about handing their e-mail addresses. Lawks a mercy, I digress. Here are the sites:



9/25/04 02:20 pm - enjoyourworries

Why'd Mr Nicotera quit? He was so nice about accepting my friends' forged sick notes.

9/12/04 02:41 pm - enjoyourworries

How was everyone's first week?

9/8/04 04:17 pm - enjoyourworries

all you lot at LHS have no idea how lucky you are, I used to bitch about it to until I came to the States and realised how shit the school I'm going to now is in comparison. Everyone is the same, dumb, boring American. Even the funny people are funny in the same way. There are at least 5 fit guys in each of my classes and they all have the same bland personality. Everyone is the same, same, same. Even when things are crap at Lakenheath, they are crap in different and interesting ways. ENJOY YOUR TIME WHILE YOU ARE THERE OR YOU WILL REGRET IT WHEN YOU LEAVE. Or, in the words of The Books, ' Enjoy your worries, you may never have them again. '

8/26/04 01:43 am - enjoyourworries

what classes are you taking this year, non-existant members?

4/28/04 10:17 am - redsummersun

43 days left of school, biatch!!!! (Including weekends and hols)
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