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Lakenheath High

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7/13/05 03:34 pm - rhombusofdoom

Hi all 4 or 5 of you. My name's Jake, Class of 05. I left LHS in 03 and graduated at a school in Florida. I'm trying to contact Mr. Bill Dawson. He gave me an e-mail address but i lost it, found it again and it seems outdated. Any help would be appreciated.

7/3/05 04:09 pm - lackingmomentum

"and no cause of death was available."

Hmmmm, the mind boggles. Actually, I've got a fairly good guess.

She was my teacher for seventh grade Spanish, she used to fall asleep in class and would sleep sitting at her desk, most amusing. Not the death part, just the sleeping.

6/30/05 08:38 am - enjoyourworries - Mrs Cronkhite


God, what happened???

5/7/05 02:50 pm - lackingmomentum

Fuck, meant to add the link.


5/7/05 02:47 pm - lackingmomentum

Haha, posers.

4/9/05 05:29 pm - ooglefish14uo

Hey: I'm Wendy: I just joined this community: Is this Lakenheath High school in East Anglia England? I'm only wondering because I was born in lakenheath: I live in the United States now: But if I hadn't moved I'd be going to Lakenheath High I believe: If thats the High school for the Lakenheath area (which I'm assuming it is) I doubt there are multiple Lakenheaths across the Uk: but ya never know.

3/27/05 12:58 am - enjoyourworries - Question

Filling out college applications...I know it's cheap but what's the award called that you get when you do really well in the Shakespeare Festival? ta

2/28/05 11:55 pm - enjoyourworries

I just found Myspace today and if you're looking to get back in touch with people from LHS there are more people on Myspace than ANY other site I've ever seen

This is the LHS group

Good luck!

2/21/05 10:05 am - enjoyourworries

I realise there are only 4 other members here and this it totally unrelated to LHS...BUT

If anyone wants a gmail invite, let me know. I've got 50 codes.

12/17/04 09:40 am - lackingmomentum

I wish they would of said who did stand up

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